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TotalEnergies Gas Mobility is responsible for designing, building, managing, and maintaining public and private filling stations. The stations offer LNG, CNG, green gas, hydrogen, and electric charging points for companies and governments. To overcome their challenges, we have developed a blended, digital training solution that simplifies the training, is visually enhanced, and scalable.


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TotalEnergies - LNG refueling
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TotalEnergies - LNG refueling


the challenge

TotalEnergies believes that natural and renewable gases play an important role in the energy transition and are among the fuel solutions of choice for decarbonising passenger and freight transport. The new fuels offer a cleaner energy alternative for any fleet compared to conventional fuels. To meet the growing demand for low-carbon fuel alternatives, TotalEnergies is continuously expanding. Training service and maintenance crews to ensure the solutions are available for its customers is imperative.

The training for the crews currently takes place at customer sites across Europe. There is a significant amount of time required to deliver the training sessions that are provided by highly skilled experts from TotalEnergies.

Due to the successfull rollout of their technology at refueling stations there is a training challenge to upskill the service teams and service contractors. Ensuring operational excellence by standardizing their training is a prequisite for the TotalEnergies organization which is quickly expanding its alternative fuels footprint.


the Solution

With distributed teams and service contracters throughout Europe, training should be available when most convenient. Frontline workers require content that is engaging, relevant and well designed. We created a blended training program that combines micro learning with VR and enhanced technical maintenance manuals.

In addition to the easy-to-use online training approach, we developed  virtual experiences to allow for the safe operation of refueling stations anywhere, at any time. The scenario-based training virtually walks you through the process.

It is supported by the technical maintenance instructions which captures the knowledge of the TotalEnergies Gas Mobility experts and ensures trainees have access to the best possible training material. The various ways of offering the material to the trainees ensures learning through a mix of visual learning, micro learning and traditional training, all available in one digital environment.



Cooperate anywhere

Train global without travel expenses.

Reduce the time investment

Standardizes the training and outcomes

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TotalEnergies - LNG refueling

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