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Onboarding for teamwork and proficiency

Faced with an acceleration in technological innovation in the translation industry, getting new team members up to speed effectively has become mission critical. Global Textware challenged us to develop an onboarding strategy to ensure that new talent becomes part of their team from day 1. Active Onboarding provided them with a structured approach to activate new talent and improve skills from their first day on the job.


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Global textware - Onboarding
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Global textware - Onboarding


the challenge

Ensuring new team members join for success

Global Textware is an all-round translation agency with close ties to the technical industry, offering complete, clear translations in a variety of languages. Part of their strategy is to ensure that new talent becomes part of their team from day 1. Active Onboarding provides Global Textware with a structured approach to activate new talent and get control right from their first day.

Global Textware has a steady inflow of new colleagues, mostly young, junior employees with limited experience. The existing onboarding program consisted of a lot of reading documentation and hands-on explanation and receiving coaching on practical matters. New colleagues considered the program boring and not interactive, whereas the experienced employees, the coaches, said it was time-consuming to onboard new colleagues. The onboarding process also differed greatly, depending on who was coaching the new colleague.


the Solution

Active Onboarding program

Global Textware was looking for a new way of onboarding. One that is consistent, interactive, can be followed with less support, and focuses on the “Why” instead of the “How”. Together with a team from Global Textware, we developed an “Active Onboarding package”. It consists of a two-week program filled with videos, micro learning, practical assignments and meetings with various colleagues.

Working in collaboration with experienced team leaders we developed a full toolkit of learning resources. Each part covers core concepts, practical examples, case studies, illustrated examples and access to tools used in their workplace. This offers the new colleague a accessible, varied and standardized program in which new team members get to know the company and as well as the teams.



‍A structured way of onboarding new colleagues.

Understanding improvement

Better understanding of the tasks and responsibilities.

Reduce the time investment


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Global textware - Onboarding

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