Safeguard Process Safety Fundamentals

Preventing Process Safety Events is important because they can escalate into catastrophic events. Safeguarding frontline workers when taking control of a customer’s installation is critical for preventing incidents. Stork challenged us to develop a solution to enable front-line workers and maintenance teams to raise safety concerns in a structured, open and transparent way.


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Stork - Safeguard Process Safety Fundamentals
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Stork - Safeguard Process Safety Fundamentals


the challenge

Safe transfer of installations

Stork often takes control of customer’s installations maintenance or (re-)development. These are complicated processes as the installations can be extensive, with many different risks involved. Guaranteeing process safety is essential as accidents have happened in the past where people assumed the installation would be safe to work on, while this was not the case.

Stork is a Dutch manufacturing and services company that provides fully integrated operations, maintenance, modifications, and asset integrity solutions. Stork prides itself on its caring, preventive safety culture where no one gets hurt – through an uncompromising focus on safety at the workplace.

Stork was looking for a solution to standardize the installation transfer process when taking control of a customer’s installation for maintenance.


the Solution

Compliance tracking app

Together with Stork and VOMI (the Dutch process industry association), we developed an app that helps Stork’s personnel and their customers to track and discuss critical issues in the transfer. The app focuses on the ten steps in the transfer process, as prescribed by Stork, and guides both sides through the process and required checks. After going through these steps, it shows a list of unresolved issues for both sides to act on before any maintenance work is started.



Understanding improvement

Better understanding of the tasks and responsibilities.

Reduce the time investment

Standardizes the training and outcomes

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Stork - Safeguard Process Safety Fundamentals

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