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As one of the world's leading companies in the wind energy industry, ENERCON ensures it's maintenance teams are trained regularly to achieve operational excellence. With new virtual training solutions ENERCON enabled their teams to gain more experience with critical maintenance procedures on its annular generator component.


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ENERCON - Generator Maintenance
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ENERCON - Generator Maintenance


the challenge

Ensuring optimal training for complex maintenance procedures in confined spaces

ENERCON offers training concepts that ensures optimal training for their service and maintenance teams worldwide. ENERCON trainers and instructors train participants by using different learning methods.

Currently generator training is time-intensive and complex due to the practical nature of the maintenance procedures. The  procedures are both multifaceted and delicate, such as the use of dry ice equiment for cleaning specific compentens. This results in an expensive and time intensive training for a crucial part of the wind turbine.

At the ENERCON Training Center in Emmeloord, The Netherlands, maintenance professionals are trained annually to perform generator maintenance on various types of wind turbines. With employees based all around the world, the travel expenses to the training center, combined with the duration and complexity of the training make this a costly endeavor.


the Solution

A blended approach to critical maintenance training

Generator maintenance is a delicate and highly specialized task that is only done by maintenance teams with extensive training. By using a blended training solution that is visually enhanced, scalable and immersive we developed a solution that allows ENERCON to train employees online and in Virtual Reality.

In close collaboration with expert trainers at ENERCON we developed a blended training program that allows teams gain more practice on critical tasks. Combining scenario-based training using virtual reality (VR), e-learning modules and trainer support material, maintenance teams now have increased access to the training materials.

In the VR scenario-based training crews can work together to effectively and safely follow all the procedures to clean a annular generator. The virtual training sessions are done in teams of two and viewable by the trainer. For the trainer it is now possible to assess and intervene on the spot, even if crews and trainers are in different ENERCON locations across the world.



Cooperate anywhere

Train global without travel expenses.

Increased practice opportunities

More training opportunities without reliance on availability of physical training equipment.

Safe training environment

Training that can be dangerous is performed in a safe and controlled environment.


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ENERCON - Generator Maintenance

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